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The UK economy is faced with double edged sword where there’s skills shortage in tech sector costing UK economy in £63 billion in additional revenue. Conversely, there’s over half a million young people unemployed today. We are working hard to create a balance where we can address the skills shortage gap and find employment for the young people. In partnership with other agencies and organisations we have developed a range of programme to prepare the young people for the modern economy and reduce unemployment in the society.

Grow Your Muscle

EH coaches will help you to develop and improve a range of employability skills. This will inevitably help you grow your muscles in this competitive market and find a suitable employment. Join one of our programme to gain new qualifications, skills or work experience.


Flexible learning was instrumental in making a leap in my career where I was able to join the programme and learn remotely. EH team supported me throughout the journey and helped me choose the right career.

Dedicated coaches and relentless support enabled me to develop the necessary skills, gained valuable qualifications such as Functional SKills in Maths & English etc. I am now placed to complete my 6 weeks work experience with a local law firm. This will result in enhanced CV and improved self confidence.