Adults and young people should engage in learning throughout their career so they can adapt to changing conditions in the labour market. Enterprising Habits offer a wide range of courses and qualifications to enable you to achive your goals.


Working with local employers and government agencies, we have developed suitable programmes aimed at unemployed and economically inactive people to gain necessary skills and experience that helps them to enter the labour market.


Whether you are looking to start a new business idea or test existing business models, Enterprising Habits partners have resources and expertise to guide you through the thick and thin of the process. Grants are often available for eligible businesses.

Who We Are. What We Do

Enterprising Habits is a social enterprise providing a range of services to local communities across the North West.  We offer a wide range of services including education and training to individuals and families to help them grow and improve life chances.  We have supported 100s of adults in accessing these free or affordable courses and find employment or enter higher education.  We are 


Anam Zubair

Partnership Manager

I have met some wonderful people since I joined Enterprising Habits and built rapport and relationships with like minded individuals and organisations across Lancashire.  

Ibrar Syed

Executive Director

I am passionate about working with people and communities and Enterprising Habits gives me the opportunity to help these disadvantaged people to improve their life chances.

Sabar Hussain

Project Manager

I have been teaching English and ICT for over 20 years.  Enterprising Habits allow me to make a real difference to these disadvantaged people through learning and coaching.

Vision, Mission, Aims and Objectives

Vision – Our Vision is to inspire individuals to learn develop and grow. Empowering through education, training and coaching 

Mission – create opportunities for individuals and families through providing quality education, employability skills and coaching to improve life chances and achieve sustainable growth.

Our Aims:

Provide a range of quality education and employability skills opportunities

Help them develop an agile and growth mindset to continously improve their knowledge, skills and behaviour

Help them overcome the barriers through coaching and mentoring

Enable them to access free or affordable ‘qualifications and training

Our Values: 

Enterprise: creating endless possibilities

Lifelong Learning: Learn, Develop & Grow

Ambition: Be the best possible of you